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WGSI Hiatus

This year has presented all of us with significant personal and organizational challenges. With that in mind, WGSI (host of PowerShiftWR) is going on hiatus effective September 1, 2020 to restructure and better plan for the evolving funding landscape.

We’d like to thank you, our institutional and project partners, for your dedication and creativity over the past year in advancing implementation of the SDGs at the community level. We’ve been energized by the many conversations we’ve had with you. This work remains our core focus and we look forward to reaching out after our restructuring.

During our hiatus we direct you to the following partners who will support on specific projects (links to all can be found here - )

Together|Ensemble conference - SDSN Canada

Energize Game - University of Waterloo Sustainability Office

Voluntary Local Reviews - SDSN Canada and Green Beacon

Our Purpose

From 2016-2020 Power Shift WR brought together community partners from different specialities, generations, and neighbourhoods to localize the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Waterloo Region. Solutions that include diverse viewpoints have never been so important. Our world is changing with unprecedented speed — and although we are more connected than ever, we continue to approach many challenges from a remarkably narrow lens. With so much talent and ingenuity in our community, we know there is a better way. We create the conditions for building local collaborations and offer a coordinated campaign to connect people, organizations and ideas across the Region.

How We Did It

Developing partnerships are essential to improving and strengthening sustainability efforts in the Region of Waterloo. Power Shift WR did outreach to local organizations with different strengths – access to diverse audiences, hosting space, technical expertise – and helped connect them with a complementary partner to create engaging events and activities. In this way we helped our partners build lasting relationships, try out new forms of programming and reach new audiences.

Our Origin

Power Shift WR was coordinated by Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI). WGSI brings people of diverse disciplines and demographics together for brainstorming sessions around big picture sustainable development challenges. Past topics have included how to decarbonize electricity, create better high school classrooms, and improve energy access worldwide. It was WGSI’s work on energy access that highlighted a need for improved “sustainability literacy” at the community level around the world. Power Shift WR was established in 2016 to address this need in WGSI’s home community.