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Community Energy Resources

Overarching Energy Strategies & Discussions

Climate Action WR - 
Climate Action Plan
The Climate Action Plan provides direction in achieving Waterloo Region's  green house gas reduction target - a decrease of  6% from 2010 levels by 2020. Focussing on five sectors (transportation, workplaces, homes, agriculture & food and waste) Climate Action WR is engaged in ongoing support and progress evaluation of the Climate Action Plan.
Region of Waterloo -
Community Energy Investment Strategy
The Region of Waterloo is working with local utilities, local cities and townships, and the public to prepare a Community Energy Investment Strategy for the next 20 to 25 years. The strategy will: identify the types of projects that will keep more energy dollars in the region, help residents and employers save on energy, benefit the local economy and benefit quality of life. The completed strategy will be released in Fall 2017.
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy - Decarbonization Forum FIfty experts from the Waterloo Region, representing academia, local institutions, government, businesses, and local NGOs, met in November 2016 to to think systematically and holistically about the region’s energy systems, and to explore together the options for replacing our dependence on fossil fuels with a sustainable energy system.

Education (K-12)

University of Waterloo Science Outreach & Let's Talk Science University of Waterloo Science Outreach engages with local school-aged kids through workshops delivered by University of Waterloo Let's Talk Science volunteers, and through on-campus learning opportunities for visiting schools. Energy focused acitives are offered at the elementary and secondary school level.

Home Energy Efficiency

REEP Green Solutions REEP Green Solutions is an environmental charity and social eneterprise that helps people in Waterloo Region live sustainably. REEP offers a range of services for homes and businesses including Energuide evaluations, home energy coaches and outreach activities.

Local Energy Ownership & Production

LIFE Co-op LIFE Co-op is a renewable energy co-operative with its headquarters in Kitchener.  stablished in 2006, the co-op is now over 440 members with a portfolio of 18 solar projects and one wind project. LIFE is seeking more member-investors to join them as they seek out new opportunities for community-owned renewable energy.

Sustainability Organizations with an Energy Interest

Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW) Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to making renewable energy accessible to the citizens of Waterloo Region. Their vision is to be a network of knowledgeable advocates, early adopters and interested citizens who initiate, resource and support all local projects that encourage energy conservation and sustainable use of energy or materials from naturally regenerating sources, such as wind, solar and earth energy.
Sustainable Waterloo Region Sustainable Waterloo REgion fosters collaborations that enable local organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action. Member organizations participate in SWR programming to achieve environmental and economic benefits. Current projects include the Regional Sustainability Inititaive, ClimateActionWR and TravelWise.
TransitionKW TransitionKW’s mission is to inform, inspire and support individuals and communities within Kitchener-Waterloo as it move transition towards a more local, resilient and sustainable future.


Community Access Bikeshare Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) is an innovative project designed to provide affordable public access to bicycles. Bikeshare members can access CAB bicycles at convenient locations in our community - use a bike to get to a meeting, run errands, meet a friend, or use it as a means of transportation. It can be a spontaneous activity, or part of your daily routine.
Community CarShare Community CarShare is a non-profit co-operative which provides its members access to vehicles on a self-serve, pay-per-use basis. Community CarShare currently has more than 1900 members who have access to a fleet of 60+ vehicles, stationed along main transit corridors. As membership grows and vehicle usage increases, additional vehicles are added to the fleet to meet membership and usage demands.
TravelWise TravelWise is a Transportation Management Association (TMA) that provides tools and services to help organizations find commuting solutions to reduce the number of employees driving alone to work. Through a public-private partnership, the program works with employers across Waterloo Region to provide innovative strategies that encourage taking transit, cycling, walking and carpooling to work. Employees gain access to online trip planning and carpool matching software, discounted transit passes, and an emergency ride home service.

Utility Programs

Access coupons and rebates for energy efficiency measures for home and business, information about customer assistance programs and outage maps.
Energy + Kitchener Wilmot Hydro Waterloo North Hydro
Kitchener Utilities Union Gas  

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